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@ Bredgade Kunsthandel.
24 May- 23 June 2018.
Photographs © Annegrete Davis, Ian Mahaffy & Louise Madsen.

Nervous system, 2018 and Surface appearance, 2018
…Colour and identity continue to inform my practice and for this exhibition it is through the fluid nature of both colour and porous, temporary materials such as paint, salt, tape and metal – opposing desires play out.

The specks of browns rust interrupt the polite pastels by bleeding into various surfaces overlaid with salt. The surface bears the processes and the markings of having to negotiate the changing conditions of their environment.

The making and materiality is embedded in the tactile and the work is mostly held together by placement and proximity. It is as it resists an urge to be ‘pinned down’ by placing and displacing itself, as the materials spills over, rubs of or is left behind. Still it is within the rich language and expanded field of textile art that I unfold my practice and artistic kinship, even when I choose not to use of my woolen fibers and fabrics as, it is the case, for this exhibition.

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