2016 November 28th – December 1st.
Group exhibition @ Mori+Stein Gallery, The Flying Dutchman, London

Interior, 2016.
This work is investigating transitions within the everyday – going from one state of mind to another. Not as an experiment of thought more as an activity initiated also within the body by its movement and activities, something very practical and basic.

Our physical separation can enable us to reconnect, while preserving some traces of the moments past. This movement implies a certain flexibility and overlap, where we acquire a sort of material quality ourselves. Letting us join in the possibilities, the freedom of becoming, before we again find ourselves settled into a much clearer position, at once more limited and more refined.

By trying to uncover moments where the work can take on certain lightness and transparency through its materials, while remaining solid – somehow held together by arrangement and proximity. Holding on, keeping things together while maintaining the divide between desire and disappointment somewhat translucent and flexible. In search of gentleness and understanding by accepting a softer focus on what is.

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