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Bredgade Kunsthandel, Copenhagen.
24 Maj – 23 Juni 2018.
photo © Annegrete Davis, Ian Mahaffy & Louise H. Madsen.

Heavens below, 2018.
With an allusion to aquariums, the window installation allows you to see with your own ghostly reflection in the glass. Like memories we do not have direct access and the environment becomes both accessible and inaccessible. The installation is mostly held together by placement, resisting an urge to be ‘pinned down’, as the materials spills over, changes over time, brown specks of rust grow, dead flies appears and the coloured salt, shifts, rubs of or is left behind. The surfaces reveals a process of the changing conditions of the environment by the continuous formation of rust marks and dead flies.

Site specifik window installation; Variable dimensions; Salt, tape, metal, wire, light, perfume, varnish, acrylic paint, pigments
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