@ EKS-Rummet, Copenhagen.
6 – 15 October 2017.
Photographs © Anna Tania-Nielsen, Ian Mahaffy & Louise Madsen.
Graphics © Louise Madsen.

Exfoliated, 2017.

The exhibition is based on a sculptural examination of structures and surfaces, with a focus on the sensory potential of intimacy. An intimacy that can be adjusted, that appear flexible even malleable and that greet us in the wellness industry, the waiting and changing rooms.

With references to design and interior, materials such as merino wool, hay, foam, wood and glass are combined. And thought the shiny surfaces ability to seduce by reflecting our wishes and needs for intimacy without vulnerability, something seductive is created. Much like a promise and the reminder of a physical presence, a presence we encounter in our everyday lives, a presence inhabited by materials such as wool, tape and salt – so easily overlooked yet so familiar.


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