FBA Futures

2017 January 9-12 > FBA Futures 2017
@ Mall Galleries, 17 Carlton House Terrace, London.

Display, 2016 and Top, 2016
For the FBA Futures 2017 – group exhibition two works called Display and Top will be exhibited. The works are from 2016 and made from a range of material such as MDF, Wood, Plaster, Polystyrene balls, PVA, Perspex sheets, Aqua gel Balls, Acrylic & Poster paint, Polyester film.

While the language of design and minimalism is a point of departure, the works more temperamental nature engages the uncertainty and complexity of everyday life. The seductive combinations of often disparate materials tries to subvert their own haptic qualities in a way that is at once alluring and destabilizing.

The works demonstrate an investigative approach to how we encounter objects and are essentially an examination of intimacy and surface and the various ideas these can provide in regard to an understanding of the world, our place in it and the materiality which embody all of us.