2016 Juni 16-20th: > Bittersweet
Degree show, BA Fine Art @ Goldsmiths – University of London.

: A few words
I am interested in how objects inhabit space, how we encounter them and each other in the most direct and superficial way, which can hopefully also offer an opportunity to access something denser.

The more unsettled nature of things and objects suggests a great amount of freedom but it can also reveal something difficult about embracing and managing external and internal change. The freedom not to be pinned down does not necessarily lead to exclusion or inclusion but places some of my objects outside both – somewhat separate, to be easily accepted and embraced but also dismissed. And in this underexposed state of things you might risk generating touch followed by satisfaction instead of a much-desired imagination and Self-reflective intimacy.

It is most often the qualities of being too familiar; giving way to the materials becoming increasingly more odd or even alien when focused on that both attract, puzzle and provide me with a nervous energy. And I consider the oddness as the estranged – once familiar part that can no longer be recognized and is therefore considered alien. Something most evident in my use of salt and sugar as materials that are literally found inside and outside the body; being essential with the risk of causing health damage or becoming toxic when absorbed in vast quantities. And as most of my materials they are both quite malleable but also tricky and at times traitorous by constantly shifting, melting, cutting, hardening, spreading and absorbing other stuff as well as me when finding myself in close proximity.

Being present, embracing the constant shifts in surroundings and self by trying to inhabit the ‘right’ amount of ‘space’ – leaving some unoccupied for others, seem to be a constant challenge in my work and life, which has become one of the important themes in the presented degree show work.

What I wrote while making most of the work presented in the Degree show
> DissertationExtimacy.pdf